About Us

Fitting the pieces together

Hotel Puriartha Ubud was developed by its authenticity and coherent with the pedigree of the boutique concept. As a boutique hotel, the strength lies in piecing together many disparate elements to create a compelling picture. History, culture, landscape and the building itself are mosaics that bring unique ambiance in hospitality business at Ubud.

Size – Like other boutique hotel, most of the rooms are typically small. Yet they are intimate in scale, creating the ambiance of being a personal guest in a private home, rather than just a hotel occupant. But we have communal “living spaces” where guests can interact: breakfast area, dinning room, alfresco resto and bar. The pool also brings feel of intimacy and togetherness.

Although we have several suites and family suites to meet the needs of larger space.

Individuality – We operated the hotel independently and are not affiliated with a major chain. We can respond the need of our guests rapidly and guests get respect from us, the owner of the property.

Design – The architecture and interior design of our boutique hotel is as unique as its operations, but always upscale and often combining historic details with chic elegance. The lines may be sleek and contemporary or quaint and homey – or even an artistic amalgamation.

Character – As boutique hotel Puriartha Ubud have an eccentric personality. We keep fun and funky, trendy and offbeat. We offer beer as welcome drink, put the bar close to pool (so guest can drink and jump) even deliver a goldfish to your room if you’re missing your own pet.

Location – Puriartha Ubud got a high-end residential neighborhoods that are away from the crowds, but convenient to city highlights; well hidden from the main tourist throng, but close to “everywhere @Ubud” such as Sacred Monkey Forest, Tegalalang Terrace Field, Sukawati Art Market, Bilah Beach and Goa Gajah.

Culture – We often celebrate the local flavor with a strong sense of place by incorporating locally-sourced materials and reflecting the locations heritage through color and art. No doubt.

Service – Highly personalized service is a hallmark of Puriartha Ubud. Staff will know your name on the first day of your stay. We will great more than “how’s life” and not only ask what for breakfast but suggest herbal infusion to add to your menu. We care about you.

Gastronomy – Like everything else about boutique hotels, our restaurant and bar tend to be hip, trendy and locally-sourced. High quality, authentic cuisine, and comfortable cocktail atmospheres make these dining and drinking spots popular with locals as well as guests.

Clientele – The types of travelers who are attracted to boutique hotels are as individual as the hotels themselves and tend to be just as hip. Guests from Millennials to Boomers who enjoy creative design, quirky character, and luxurious service will be right at home in Puriartha Ubud